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tv   Face the Nation  CBS  March 19, 2017 8:30am-9:01am PDT

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captioning sponsored by cbs >> dickerson: today on "face the nation". the president claims yet again that president obama wiretapped trump tower. >> deal making skills between the obamacare replacement plan. >> we have been talking to everybody, it is a big fat negotiation. >> dickerson: undeterred by estimates tens of millions could lose coverage under his healthcare reform plan. this week the president -- >> they are all yeses. >> dickerson: from mrs. -- >> let me give you the bad news. >> a judge has just blocked our executive order for travel. >> dickerson: and some awkward diplomatic moments. >> as far as wiretapping, i guess this past administration, at least we have something in common, perhaps.
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>> dickerson: visiting german chancellor angela her kel was wiretapped during obama's watch but this week top republican congressmen said there is no evidence that mr. trump was. >> texas senator ted cruz will be here to talk about that, and his efforts to fix the trump healthcare bill. then we will hear from the top democrat in the house, nancy pelosi. we will get the administration's view from white house director mick mulvaney and check in with the cbs news nation track tore get a sense of how the rest of the country views what is going on in washington. and as always we will have plenty of political analysis. it is all ahead on "face the nation". >> dickerson: good morning and welcome to "face the nation". i am john dickerson. we begin this morning with texas senator ted cruz, who has been working with the white house as a part of that big fat negotiation the president talked about. welcome, senator. i want to get to the negotiations in a minute but i want to start with the president's reassertion on friday that president obama
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wiretapped trump tower. intelligence officials, republicans, senate and the house said this shouldn't happen. should the president drop this? >> well these are serious allegations and i think they need to look into seriously. you have open investigations in the house senate intelligence committee and next week fbi director comey is testifying we need to know what the facts are. we do know or at least it the reportedly reported there is fisa request for surveillance, one turned down by the guy is a court and one which was granted. i think it is important to know a little more detail as to what was contained this the fisa applications and i think the investigations will bring that out. >> the reason i ask is because there are a lot of questions about whether the president is carrying on something here with kind of his own idea of things. you in the campaign went back and forth with the president about the question of veracity. he told stories about your father and jfk assassination. there seemed to be as much
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evidence for that as for this wiretapping claim k people trusa trusted part of your home remodeling team this president? >> well, i don't know what basis the president has for these allegations. they are serious allegation it is. he is now the president of the united states. the department of justice, the fbi, the cia, they all report to him. and we should examine what the evidence is. i think it would be quite good for the administration to put forward what evidence there is. you know,ly point out, this is not necessarily as outlandish as everyone in the press suggests we do know the obama administration targeted their political enemies, we do know the irs, for example, targeted citizens groups who spoke out in defense of -- spoke out against obama, and so the notion is not necessarily outlandish but it is serious, so it needs to be based on facts, but we should see what the facts are behind this. >> dickerson: but that equivalencies in this case he says the united states, president of the united states wiretapped him, that is a different order. >> we should see the application behind it. the fisa applications are significant,
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they could be, they have been publicly reported in the media, it is not often the guy is a court turns down an application, they usually turns down the application, that suggests the application was overly broad, it is looked, it is worth looking at was there fishing expedition the obama administration was trying to do oar not. >> let's move to healthcare you are in the thick of trying to make it better what are you trying to fix with the healthcare plan? >> the number one issue is premiums, premiums, premiums, premiums. when i am back home in texas, what i hear from texans every single day is i can't afford health insurance, that obamacare, the average family's premiums have risen over $5,000 under obamacare, that's central problem. now, the current house bill as drafted, i do not believe it will pass the senate. it doesn't fix the problem. my biggest concern with the house bill is it doesn't lower premiums and cbo in fact projected in the first two years premiums would rise ten to
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20 percent. although they did say then it would go down. >> dickerson: it did but i will say if republicans hold a big press conference and pat themselves on the pack we repealed obamacare and everyone's premiums keep going up they will tar and feather us in the video street and rightfully. >> dickerson: about the coverage question, 24 million the cbo said. >> the coverage question is interrelated to premiums, if premiums keep going up one of the big problems with obamacare, people can't afford health insurance. you know, a couple of weeks ago i did a debate with bernie sanders, two hour town hall on obamacare, the next day i was having dinner here in washington and two waitresses i know well, they both came up to me and said, one said you know what? my premiums have tripled in the last three years, they went from 400 a month to 1,200 a month, she said for the first time in my life, i don't have health insurance, she also said for the first time in my life this restaurant put me at under 30 hours a week and put me 29-point '99 and i don't have insurance, the second insurance i know well said she was four months
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pregnant, and she had just gotten a notification from her insurance that the doctor that she likes and trusts can't deliver her baby because he is not covered. we have got to fix it. we can do that in the house bill, but the only way to drive down premiums is we need to repeal the insurance mandates, there are 12 insurance mandates that are in obamacare, the house bill only touches two of them. we need to repeal those mandates to drive down costs and we need to allow purchases across state lines, we need to allow association health plans and we need to allow people to pay premiums from health savings accounts, all of those will make it much more affordable for people to get health insurance. >> dickerson: the president and the house speaker say that will happen, it is a two step process, first the american healthcare act goes through and the second set of legislation comes on and you are chuckling, that ain't going to happen, so-called three bucket solution which is all the good stuff is in bucket 3? bucket. >> bucket three takes eight democrats, right now, senate democrats are opposing everything, you can't get eight senate democrats to agree on saying good morning.
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anything in bucket three, i call bucket 3 the suckers bucket, and what i have been urging the president and the administration and leader in both houses take everything in bucket 3, put it in bucket one, we have got to actually fix this problem. >> dickerson: their a argument is you can't do it all in this what you are calling bucket one in in the american healthcare act that you support because the rules of the senate won't allow it so that is what you are up against. >> that is fundamentally false, the rules of the senate, it is governed by the budget act of 1974, it lays out a test for what is permissible on reconciliation, six part test, the central part of the test is that it is budgetary in nature, if it is budgetary in nature you can do it if you can't, you look at the insurance mandates, they impact billions of dollars of federal spending, and i will point out the obama justice department went before the u.s. property twice and argued the mandates are integrally related and intertwined with the subsidies, you can't sever them,
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under the statute, we can do this now in bucket one, and if we don't, this bill doesn't pass, and if it doesn't pass, it is a substantive and political disaster for everyone. >> dickerson: it doesn't have the reforms about the man, reforms you can't vote for it. >> i can't vote for any bill that keeps premiums rising. texans have -- look, there has been no issue i have devoted more time and energy to than obama care, stopping this disaster. we had a chance for an incredible substantive win for american people, and i have got to tell you, i am spending night and day meeting with house members, meeting with senators, meetings with the administration. just yesterday i spent three hours at mar-a-lago with mike lee and meadows associating with the president's team trying to fix this bill. >> dickerson: does the president get this? >> we have had multiple conversations, the vice president and i have had multiple conversations as he said on what you played a minute ago, president trump said this
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is one big fat negotiation. here is the central prize. if we lower premiums and hopefully lower them a lot, that is a victory for the american people, if premiums keep going up that is a victory for insurance companies and lobbyists but a loss for the people who elected us. >> dickerson: we have very little time and wayn't to get to the supreme court. does the president get your central point this has to be all moved into one thing, one approach? >> i think the president right now is listening to the arguments on all sides. he wants to get to yes but i want to get to yes, but we have got to actually solve the problem. that is my focus right now. >> 30 seconds 0 tub supreme court nominee, judge gorsuch is it going to be filibustered and what will republicans do? >> i think it is 50-50 whether the democrats filibuster, they don't have think good arguments against gorsuch but furious we are going to have a conservative nominated and confirmed. i will tell you this judge gorsuch will be confirmed and either get 60 votes and be confirmed or otherwise whatever procedural steps are necessary, i believe within a month or two neil
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gorsuch will be an associate justice of the supreme court. >> dickerson: so republicans will go that far, if democrats do filibuster? >> mitch mcconnell has said we will do whatever is mess, a democratic filibuster will not succeed, i agree with the leader. >> dickerson: all right, senator cruz, thank you so much. tomorrow, fbi director james comey is scheduled to appear before the house intelligence committee, friday we sat down with democratic leader nancy pelosi and asked her why she she thinks fbi director comey, what he should say in public that is no evidence for president trump's wiretap allegations. >> i think it is really important, because that is a terrible accusation to make. and what are they doing? they are downing down on it this, quoting sources saying that the president worked with the british intelligence to also spy on the president. of course it is not true. so let's just grow up. grow up, the justice department, the fbi, has to really clear this. because otherwise this administration has decided that they with impunity can say
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anything, can say anything, and it is really damaging. >> dickerson: so you think director comey should come to the hearing and just put this on the table and clear this up right away? >> i think he should. and certainly if he doesn't i think he should be asked to do so, and why wouldn't he? >> dickerson: you have faith in director comey to carry out the investigation into russian efforts to med until the election and any connections with the trump campaign? >> i think it is possible he can do that. i think what he did -- during the election, i don't know who they would appoint, the question is that. but i always had admiration for director comey before, when he was assistant attorney general. he acted very courageously in the bush administration when it came to surveillance and the rest of that. there is a mixed record there, and i am hopeful that he could go forward in a very positive way and i think it is important for director of the fbi not to be subjected to the president, he is going to investigate him
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so terminate his service. >> dickerson: let's switch to healthcare. when you were trying to get the affordable care act through, you said, it needed to pass in order for people to experience what is in it and you knew what was in the bill but people in order to experience what it was offering, they needed to have some interaction with it. isn't that a essential what paul ryan is saying? >> thank you for asking that question. because you can put in, put it in context, the senate had not acted they were asking about the impact of the bill so we have to pass it, we have to get through the legislative process, but all of us learned of the limitations of the bill, there are some things we could do to improve to the limitation of the affordable care act right now, and i wish the republicans would work with us to do that, we can work with them to do that, but what we have put forth is a terrible bill, 24 million people kicked off of health insurance, which the speaker calls an act of mercy. an act of mercy. and at the same time they put out a budget which the director
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mulvaney says is compassionate, to take money from -- and give it to the department. we all want to support, we have taken an oath to defend and protect our country but the strength is measured in more ways than just taking money from the health, education and well-being of the american people, which is a source of our strength. so compassionate acts of mercy? i don't know what that is. >> dickerson: let's look at this healthcare bill that has been put forward. is it ryan care, is it trump care? is it republican care? how do you think about it? >> i think it is trump care. the president really -- doesn't know or doesn't care about what is in the affordable healthcare. the affordable healthcare's purpose was to lower costs, expand access, and improve benefits. it has succeeded in all three. it should be respected for what it does, we should judge it for what it doesn't do and try to
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improve it. some places need improvement, the republicans obstructed that implementation of it. so when he talks about his bill, imagine a bill that takes 24 million people all with health insurance and gives it the biggest transfer of wealth in our country's history. $600 billion taken from working class families in our country, middle class and those who aspire to it, to the top one percent. $600 billion. robin hood in reverse. some people call it ryan hood, but this is trump. republicans will find any excuse to pull money up to the high end at the expense of the working class. and what is so strange about it all is, many of the people, many of the millions of people who are benefiting from the affordable care act voted for donald trump. they live in red areas. that money will be taken from those areas and many of the people who will be advantaged by the money going to the high end
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will be in blue areas. how is that? it is so wrong. >> dickerson: as you have said, there are issues with the affordable care act. >> >> yes. >> dickerson: there are high premiums, high deductibles, in some places only one insurers, insurance companies are leaving. had the democrats offered something that could meet them halfway, meet republicans half way or to the deal with some of the -- >> it is not a question of halfway, it is a little bit pregnant, you either have healthcare or you don't. i you have an agenda that is public-private partnership or you don't. but the individual market is challenging, and we can do more to help the market. the copays and the out of pockets will go up under trump care, you can't maintain any of the benefits of no existing, preexisting, no discrimination on preexisting condition, no lifetime limit, that benefit that people have -- you can't do that unless you have the big
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fold that the obamacare has and you have a mandate. you can't have all of the good things and none of the responsibility and that's what the president is saying. but i think listening, when i listened to him very carefully, i respect the office he holds, i respect the people who voted for him, he doesn't know what he is talking about. and when he says death spiral and this and that, he really doesn't know what he is talking about. it is most unfortunate, and for this product is trump care. >> dickerson: the president says, if we submitted the democrats' plan and drew everything perfect for the democrats we wouldn't get one vote for the democrats. what he is saying, essentially, is -- >> when he speaks, understand he is projecting. >> dickerson: would you work with president trump -- >> first of all, we are not working with in anybody that is going to repeal the obamacare act. >> dickerson: basically -- >> no, it isn't, he is saying, he is saying you have to have a bill, and we have something that actually was developed at the
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heritage foundation, a republican institution, a conservative institution, romney care. >> dickerson: the individual mandate. >> the individual mandate. romney care in massachusetts, a republican governor. so would it have been the bill i would have written, i would have had a public option, i would have done a different bill, but this was a private sector market economy piece of legislation that worked. it is implemented. so it is rolling something back, you have to be responsible to do that. >> dickerson: senator pelosi, thanks so much. and we wil will be back in justa moment with the cbs news nation tracker. stay with us. >> information about every tical inch of the car from virtually anywhere. brakes are getting warm. confirmed, daniel you need to cool your brakes. understood, brake bias back 2 clicks.
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anthony when we talked a month ago you had four groups. let's check in with the four groups. let's start with the beliefers. >> the beliefers are the groups we identified, about a fifth of the country, they are the base of the base for the president. they support him, they support him strongly and they are really defined by and as people process all of the news that came out in the last few weeks, they are defined by singular trust with him, you can see where they trust to get accurate information, they say it comes from him above all others. for example this is the group that says he was wiretapped. other groups are more skeptical this is a group that doesn't think they are, the legislation is nonpartisan and also see them trust him when it comes to congress and legislation or speaker of the house paul ryan and even over at the republican party as a whole. and this for me echoes a little bit of what we saw even last year in the primaries where donald trump was running against the establishment, the republican so-called establishment, and these
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supporters still got that. they still see him as the singular figure that can make washington work. >> dickerson: quickly, what are their thoughts on healthcare? >> well interestingly they are not yet sold on the healthcare bill and more adopting a wait and see attitude, which is sort of like a lot of his supporters, not yet sure it helps them. >> dickerson: let's go now on to the conditional voters they like donald trump but they are not as firm as the beliefers. they perhaps listen to other voices or might run away from it. >> right. this is the kind of folks who really liked his address to congress, a month ago. they taught it was presidential but now what they have seen in the last few weeks is starting to make them a little more nervous. so they are still optimistic but yet not confident. they stay the president might be distracted, not focused, they prefer for him to focus on the economy, they don't like the tweeting so much, and so that is got them a little bit wavering but they are still supporting, they still like the economic news that has come out. they still give him credit for a lot of that, but on the healthcare bill, it is interesting too, they also don't
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see what it would do for them, and again so much of this is transactional, and unless they see that connection, they are not yet ready to support him. >> dickerson: all right. let's move now on to the curious group, which is a portion of the country that is available for donald trump, they are not set against him but not in his camp. >> right. available, they want to be optimistic. they want him to deliver for them on the economy. we have seen this throughout, but they are not sold, and they are not on his side just yet. because if they don't like the other policies that have come out, they don't like the travel ban as much. they don't like what he is doing on immigration. they want him to focus on policy and jobs but here again as it pertains to the healthcare bill, when they look at it you see this pattern, it is interesting, the more they learn about it the more they say they don't think it will help them the more nervous they become so that, and this is where you could see it is really pivotal this piece of
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legislation and whether or not he can draw support to him or not. >> dickerson: and the final group is the resisters. remind us how many of them there are. >> yes. that is about a third of the country. the bulk of them are democrats. a lot of them who did vote, voted to, voted for hillary clinton, a lot of them didn't vote either. so this is a group that is waiting for donald trump to reach out to them and they don't feel that he has. well, what you see there, a lot of folks have said the democrats and the people who are opposed to the president can become more motivated now. a lot of them report that, in fact, they are. they say that they are paying more attention to the news. they say they are paying more attention to social media and limping up up to people who share their views. so that is part of it. some even say they are going to the town hall meetings. at the same time, a lot of those folks are folks among the resisters group who did vote in 2016, and the folks among the resisters who did not vote in 2016 are still not paying as much attention and don't think the democrats in congress are being effective right now. >> all right.
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and anthony salvanto, thanks, we look forward to another update and we will be right back with this very unusual road trip. stay with us. >> woman: on the gulf coast, new exxonmobil projects are expected to create over 45,000 jobs. and each job created by the energy industry supports two others in the community. altogether, the industry supports over 9 million jobs nationwide. these are jobs that natural gas is helping make happen, all while reducing america's emissions. energy lives here.
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>> dickerson: when a priest, spring blizzard shut down air travel on the east coast, two a republican and a democrat hit the road together. you say you don't know a person until you are crammed a in a car with them. after 1,600 miles from san antonio to washington in a chevy impala, democrat be toe o'rourke and republican will hurd have become a little closer. >> on the road, they found a mutual appreciation for country music, fast food, whataburger unites us all. >> and topics that you will never find in any buddy movie. >> we need to be bringing more people on to healthcare roles, not fewer. >> building a wall from sea to to shining sea is the least,
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most expense if the and least effective form of border security. >> dickerson: there were a few bumps in the road which is why road trips are like life in congress but in the end they made it to the capitol and forged a new friendship, now in, it is, is there a way their colleague accounts find a way to find a joint destination? we will be back in a moment. >> sting for that low? that's three times less than fidelity... ...and four times less than vanguard. what's next, no minimums? minimums. schwab has lowered the cost of investing again. introducing the lowest cost index funds in the industry with no minimums. i bet they're calling about the schwab news. schwab. a modern approach to wealth management.
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